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How to Plan a Wellness Vacation

Once a person embraces wellness as a lifestyle, everything changes, including vacation destinations.  While some folks would advise deciding where you want to go as the priority for a wellness vacation, we think that a person’s goals should be the priority when planning a wellness vacation, too. Today we’re going to look at some of the things a person should consider when planning a wellness vacation.

 It's not always necessary to go far to have a fabulous wellness vacation. You decide.

It's not always necessary to go far to have a fabulous wellness vacation. You decide.


Whether your goal is to lose weight, stop smoking, reduce stress or something else, you should seek the very best vacation fit with that goal in mind. For it to be the most successful trip possible, analyze what kind of program will facilitate the meeting your wellness goals under your terms. For example: if it’s a great program, but you need to take out a second mortgage to afford, it, take a step back.

Some of the things to consider are location, program, and affordability. Make a list of the things which are essential to you and then communicate with several facilities. Do you want an immersion experience, or to pay as you go? How do you feel about facilities which allow children? Do you want to leave home, or are you open to local experiences, which will save on travel costs? Similarly, make sure that the details of a package program fit in with your intentions and will help you attain them.

Weigh all of the options before you decide.

Strategize with a friend

Strategizing with someone who shares your wellness goals can not only make them more attainable but will also bring the added dimension of having a shared experience. The person doesn’t even have to be your spouse or partner since no one wants to drag someone who isn’t on the same path along during such an extraordinary journey. Creating and implementing a strategy only will it deepen the friendship, but it will also build a strong foundation for wellness independence. In other words, it will help develop a web of support for you to sustain your wellness which you won’t have if you go at it alone.


Make sure your destination, companions, and program will make it realistically possible to execute your intended plan. 

When it’s time to act, do so without allowing yourself to become distracted by other things. This is your moment in time! Focus on achieving what you set out to do above all things. Above all, make it a point to make this time the ‘factory reset’ that you need. Exhausting yourself, becoming annoyed at things of no consequence, or eating/drinking too much won’t recharge you the way a wellness vacation should.


Once you return from your wellness vacation, make sure you have a plan in place to sustain the goals you achieved on your wellness vacation. It’s easy to slip back into old habits once we return home, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Working with a wellness team can give you the tools you need to continue on your path to wellness and reinforce your goals. Having wellness partners can help you stay healthy a long time after your wellness vacation has ended.

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