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Prevention: the Best Health Option

While some less-than-favorable health care options continue to rise, a particular segment of our population is looking to wellness care as the long-term answer to living the healthiest possible life.  Why? Simply put, the best cure for many health ailments is prevention.

Healthy habits

 Prevention is a balance between healthy habits and risk assement and management.

Prevention is a balance between healthy habits and risk assement and management.

When you’re already healthy, eat right and exercise, it seems incongruent to spend money on health care. After all, you’re fine. When a person is young and active, the idea of a consultation with a physician or a relationship with a wellness team might seem silly. But it’s not, and here’s why:

Creating a relationship

If you have a relationship with a wellness practitioner, they know your background. As healthcare clinics pop up in drugstores and grocery stores, a person has to ask themselves if they’re willing to submit to fast-food health care when a problem arises.  Is it okay to trust a total stranger when you’re suddenly having chest pains? Filling out a form while you’re doubled over so someone you never met with unknown credentials can decide if it’s your appendix or gas is probably not acceptable to everyone.  If you already have a medical care team, your health is a priority to them.  Which means that when you have a health problem, they’re looking at you, instead of reading the form you filled out five minutes ago. 

Risk assessment

A wellness team can help you assess your current and future health needs, which include your family health history, labs, and screenings to determine if you have any risk numbers. They can also help you deal with current health needs such as obesity, stress management, and smoking, which will ultimately prevent serious health risks.


A well-educated person has a reasonably good grasp of what constitutes healthy habits. But, by working with a wellness team, you get the full benefit of their medical expertise, and that may make the difference between great health and something which may seem minor at the time, but which could slip through the cracks undetected only to create a significant problem.

Timely care

Another true sign of value is when a health problem arises. If you fall in a pothole and your ankle swells, your first stop doesn’t have to be the emergency room, where you know you have a six to ten-hour ordeal ahead of you. Your wellness physician can immediately order an x-ray, fill a prescription if you need it, or pat you on the back and recommend elevation and an Epsom salt soak if it isn't broken.


Ideal healthcare is a balance between healthy habits and a wellness team willing to work with you toward optimal health through risk detection and health management. As people live longer, making better health choices offers the opportunity for every day to be the healthiest experience possible!

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