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What is Your Middle Age?

A lovely friend has a story about her father. Apparently, when he was ten, his mother turned thirty. He came down to breakfast that morning and said, “Happy Birthday, Mom! How does it feel to be middle-aged?”

His mother, incensed by the question, waited twenty years, until the day he turned thirty, so she could call him up and say, “Happy Birthday, son! How does it feel to be middle-aged?”

What is the ‘new forty’?

 Move it, move it! Being active is crucial to optimal health.

Move it, move it! Being active is crucial to optimal health.

While the story makes us chuckle, it also provides an insight into what is happening with longevity and the way people feel about middle age. We hear pithy assurances: “Fifty is the new forty!” “Sixty is the new forty!” But, that isn’t necessarily true.


Because we know more about health and nutrition, people have the opportunity to live longer lives. But, how we age and how we feel as we age is determined strongly by our health habits, choices, and attitudes. Many people now avoid smoking, drinking, and buttering their bacon. They eat right, exercise, practice stress management, and, if it becomes necessary, they aren’t afraid to get Botox or filler or help with erectile dysfunction.

Health pursuit

Those who seek health, happiness and a lifestyle consistent with wellness and happiness will discover that their real age is pushed back by their efforts.  We have better healthcare, which means we live longer, but if we don’t pursue health, we don’t necessarily live well.


Health isn’t merely confined to the physical body, either. Emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wellness are also a substantial part of the equation, which means that an individual may need to create opportunities to bolster those elements so they’re in line with the person’s needs. 

Not like winning the lottery

Successful aging is all-inclusive and incremental, meaning that wellness is a series of small steps a person takes each day toward health and productivity, active cognitive function, and sociability. There is no ‘health windfall’ which will suddenly make an unhealthy person healthy. There is, however, a mean to create the dawn of a new day for them.


Never too late

For the person who has made less than optimal health choices, there is a time when it can be turned around. Today is that day. It is possible to choose wellness after a long time of making poor choices. By making new goals, even a person who is middle-aged or beyond can create a life of strength, health, and meaning. 

A wellness partnership can help a person take control of their own life, move in the right direction, learn to take the steps needed to modify their behaviors toward health. Treatments are individualized to meet their goals. While it may take time for an individual to achieve some of their wellness goals, nothing is more important, or more rewarding, than feeling your best at every age. 

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