New Life Patients in Scottsdale, Arizona

Lou Morentin

When I started working with Julia I weighed over 215lbs. since then I dropped down to under 190lbs. in less than one year. My blood chemistry, which was decent but had high levels of triglycerides, had been consistent for years. Elevated Triglyceride levels have always been a challenge for me regardless of how I adjusted my diet. I was looking at being put on Statin medication to control my Triglyceride levels.

Julia helped me to modify my diet in a properly balanced method that was not inconvenient at all. In fact, her modifications were easy to implement and maintain and not complicated in the least. Along with the diet modification, she recommended some specialized supplements that brought my blood chemistry, not just into the “good” range but into the exceptional range. This included lowering my Triglyceride level to an number that my physicians and I haven’t seen in many, many years and increased my free testosterone levels! She also helped me get into a regular yoga routine that has greatly helped with my strength and flexibility.

I highly recommend Julia and the services she provides to her clients. I was able to avoid taking a
medication that has known serious side effects, with a more natural method without those concerns. If you’re ready to take control of your life and feel incredible invest in yourself and work with Julia.