Eating Well


One of the kindest things a person can do for the body is to eat well. Not only will smart eating lead to better health, but it will also help prevent problems caused by poor food choices. The secret of making good food choices starts with a shopping list which has healthy foods and snacks.


The secret to eating well is only to buy foods which will promote good health for your body. The easiest way to do that is to avoid foods which are oil based, have ingredients you can’t pronounce, or have ingredients that sound like they should be in a mad scientist's lab. If you buy healthy food, you can eat well, without guilt, and your body will thank you.

Watching quantities

One of the things which hamper healthy eating habits are the types and quantity of food offered as an ‘average’ restaurant meal; most are enormous and salt, sugar, fat, and calorie-laden. Also, studies show that childhood obesity rises alarmingly in a developing country after they make a global trade agreement, usually with the U.S. Sugary drinks are the main culprit. These industries are literally ‘growing their customer base.’

Another method to get you to buy less healthy options is placement in the grocery aisles. In response, you can recognize your right as a consumer to make your own choices.

Meal planning


Before you go to the grocery store, plan your meals, make a list and stick to it. Knowing the grocer is going to put the least healthy options at eye level, on end caps and checkout stands will give you some leverage because you know it is emotionally manipulative. Grocers have spent a tremendous amount of money on research into your buying habits, which is why the fresh fruit and vegetables are at the entrance and the candy is at the checkout. (Imagine if a grocer switched these around!) But just because they’re being dangled in front of your face doesn’t mean you have to buy them! Buy what is on the list. In fact, you can keep a list in the  ‘notes’ section of your cell phone and add to it during the week so that you won’t be at the mercy of marketing. 


Also, be very careful that most of your food intake is fruit and vegetables. Meat and carbohydrates should be limited, and most of your protein should come from a non-meat source, and most carbs should come from veggies. Bread and pasta should be a rare event and whole grain.

Each person has different habits and needs, and their bodies respond differently to certain types foods. It may help you to keep a food journal. This can help you learn what kind of foods to choose and which you need to avoid and help you learn to eat well. You can do it! We believe in you. 

If you want to learn more about eating well, keeping a food journal or healthier food options for your particular situation, and if you are in or near the Scottsdale area and need a wellness partner to achieve your health goals, call New Life Wellness Clinic at (480) 510-534